Protesters gather in Sarasota County in an effort to preserve Celery Hill

Celery Fields Protest

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Dozens of protesters gathered in Sarasota County on Saturday morning to show their support to preserve the Celery Fields.

Protesters with signs stood on the side of the road at Palmer Boulevard and Apex Road to get their message to the community.

This is the third time they have held a peaceful protest in the past two years.

Back in 2017, community members showed up in numbers to voice their disapproval of a proposal to sell this land for industrial development. In July of 2018, county commissioners gathered several recommendations from locals about what they would like to see on this land instead.

Now, commissioners have hired a Miami consultant to draft a critical area plan report for future use of the land and protesters say this is the last hope for Celery Hill.

“The traffic on this road is incredibly dangerous and they want to keep these quads as zoned as industrial which means they’re going to introduce more industrial trucking which is going to really going to bother the neighborhoods that live around here,” Adrien Lucas, an organizer said.

This protest came just days ahead of a November 6th meeting where county commissioners plan to discuss that plan drafted by the consultant and make a decision on exactly what to do with this land.

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