Teacher shows up to work drunk, slurring speech, police say

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. (WFTS/CNN) - A 4th grade teacher was arrested at school, accused of showing up to work drunk.

Lisa Edelstein was fired after only seven days on the job, and now she’s facing criminal charges.

“When you make that decision in the line of work you are in, that’s an automatic fire and not rehire,” said Brandi Parker, a mom of seven.

Brandi Parker found out this morning after the district called. Her daughter is a second-grader at Skyview Elementary in Pinellas Park.

“Some people don’t have [good] backgrounds and they take a wrong turn in life. Do I blame the school? Absolutely not,” Parker said.

According to arrest records, Edelstein was loud and belligerent in front of the children.

“Some bloodshot, watery eyes. Slurring of the words. There was some rocking back and forth, stumbling,” said Sgt. Roxanne Pohl with Pinellas Park Police Department.

Pohl was called in to help campus police with the incident on Friday.

“I did ask her to lower her voice. I attempted to explain that there were students in the school, that we wish they were not interrupted,” Pohl said.

She said at one point Edelstein tried to get in her car and leave.

“I was shocked. I was shocked. Disappointed,” Pohl said. “Here is someone we expect to come to school ready to teach and unfortunately that’s not what happened this morning.”

WFTS found out Edelstein has faced disciplinary action before during part of her 30 years as an assistant teacher in Hillsborough County.

Today, Edelstein faces a disorderly conduct charge and possibly more. Pohl said officers also found marijuana in Edelstein’s car.

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