Some Florida lawmakers working on making daylight saving permanent

Daylight Saving

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - It’s that time of year where we’ll be turning our clocks back one hour. But some Florida lawmakers are pushing to make daylight saving time permanent in order to avoid that.

“It was what people felt passionate about. They want to have that extra hour at the end of the day,” said Rep. Vern Buchanan. “But instead of getting dark at 5:30 p.m., instead it gets dark at 6 p.m., but when you think about it here in the Sunshine State, especially tourism business, small business, that makes a huge difference.”

Many people agree.

“I think they should change that and make it like it is now, the days longer, and the nights shorter,” said Geraldine Brookes.

“I do like daylight saving time, I don’t like the change,” said Loretta Blue.

Congressman Buchanan and Senator Marco Rubio are urging Congress to end changing the clock twice a year through the Sunshine Protection Act. Last year, it passed in Florida, but it needs congressional approval

“With everything that’s going on in Washington unfortunately we’re being set back but we’re hopeful that we can get our message out there,” said Buchanan.

Seven states have passed bills to eliminate the time change. Arizona and Hawaii don’t observe daylight saving at all. Even President Donald Trump tweeted his support back in March.

However, not everyone agrees. The National Parent Teacher Association is one of them.

Locally, many are hoping this goes through, so they have more time to do more things.

“I like to exercise, I like the daylight in the afternoon because I like going for walks,” said Blue.

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