Jay Leno surprises car superfan fighting cancer with Corvette ride

PHOENIX (KNXV/CNN) - A California man is given the surprise of a lifetime with only weeks to live, to make sure cancer wouldn't be his last memory.

A video posted online caught the eye of famous car enthusiast and former "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno, who helped make the man's final dream come true.

Colby Webb’s dad Larry is fading fast. He was diagnosed in May with bile duct cancer and is being cared for by hospice in the Phoenix Valley.

"Watching your dad fade away sucks," Colby Webb said.

He was determined to give his dad one last thrill.

"My dad will tell you: The Corvette, that's the heart of America," the son said. "It's American muscle, Americans want a Corvette."

Larry was no exception, passing along his love for the 'Vette and cars to his son and constantly bringing up the car's latest 2020 design.

"He goes, 'When is this Corvette going to come out?' And my wife goes, 'January of 2020.' And the look in my dad's face when it clicked and realized (he) probably is not going to see this release just floored us," Colby Webb said. "It broke my heart."

He decided to call GM, which immediately agreed to deliver the car to a nearby dealership.

"We invited all of his friends down, all the family members were down there, everybody we could call to come see him, see this Corvette," Colby Webb said.

Video from that day shows a thrilled Larry Webb checking out the inside and outside of his dream car while surrounded by those he loved most.

"I really did think that was his final hurrah," his son said.

He posted the video of the experience on Reddit, getting thousands of views. And someone else with an equal love for cars was watching, too.

"I got an email two weeks later from producers with 'Jay Leno's Garage,'" Colby Webb said.

Within days, they were on a private plane flying to Burbank.

"We get him off the plane, there's Jay, he looks at my wife and goes, 'That's Jay Leno!'" Colby Webb said.

All of it was arranged in secret. Leno had a prototype Corvette ready to go.

They took it for a spin together then stopped by Leno's garage for a tour of his massive car collection.

"Jay Leno is one of the nicest people, and his crew, everybody was just nicest people ever," Colby Webb said. "They took care of everything."

A photo on the plane ride back shows Larry Webb once again flashing a huge smile.

"I think it will be one of the last things he thinks about," Colby Webb said.

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