Publix employees help grow Sugg Middle School’s agriculture program as part of Day of Caring

Day of Caring at Sugg Middle School

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - United Way Suncoast will host their annual Day of Caring event on Friday, October 11th.

The event devotes a day each year where corporate and community volunteers go out and participate in different community service projects.

In Manatee County, Publix decided they wanted to help Sugg Middle School in Bradenton grow its agriculture program. Over 100 Publix employees signed up to make improvements to the school’s new urban farm, which is used for an agriscience class. In the class students learn how to grow their own food, different plants, and also take care of small animals like chickens and rabbits.

In the garden, Publix employees will be helping out by doing things like painting, cleaning the area to make it safer, hauling mulch, and planting strawberries.

“I think it says a lot that Publix is teaching children and letting youth become empowered to know where their food comes from. To appreciate work ethics. It takes a lot of character to stay out here day after day in our Florida weather and our students try their best to do that. I think it honors the students efforts that Publix would say hey we value what you’re doing. I think it makes our students feel very very proud and I’m thankful for that," said Sugg Middle School Agriscience Teacher and FFA Adviser, Kimberley Lough.

There are over 100 service projects taking place this year throughout the five counties that United Way Suncoast serves.

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