Teen robbers threatened to kidnap child unless Texas mother handed over phone

RICHARDSON, Texas (KTVT/CNN) - A Texas mother let two teenage robbery suspects take her phone when they grabbed her 2-year-old daughter and threatened to kidnap her.

Mother Susana Posada and her three young children went for a walk Monday evening at Cottonwood Park in Richardson, Texas. The mother was recording a Facebook Live video and pushing her 2-year-old daughter in a stroller, while her older children walked ahead.

Richardson Police say one teenage suspect can be seen in the Facebook video. As Posada passed that suspect, he allegedly grabbed for her phone.

A second teenage suspect picked up Posada’s daughter and reportedly threatened to take her unless the mother gave up her phone.

Posada says she immediately let go of her phone. She didn’t even think twice.

The suspects dropped the toddler and ran off, as Posada comforted her scared daughter. Neither mother nor daughter were hurt during the incident.

Posada says in the future, she will avoid being on her device in public, and she won’t go back to that park.

Police are looking for the suspects. They hope the public will help them identify and arrest the teens.

Robbery Suspects - Cottonwood Park 10/07/19

On Monday (10/07/19) at approximately 6:00pm, a mother was walking in Cottonwood Park (1301 W. Belt Line Rd.) with her three children. As she crossed a bridge in the park, two suspects stole her phone. The mother was video recording her walk and captured the crime on her phone. Suspect #1 can be seen leaning over a railing as she approaches the bridge. Suspect #2 is further away in the distance and her two children are walking ahead of her. As the mother passes suspect #1 he grabs for the phone. Suspect #2 picks up one of the children and demands she give the phone to suspect #1 in exchange for the child, which she does. The suspects flee, leaving the mother and children unharmed. They are described as black males in their late teens, wearing all black. Suspect #1 is wearing pants and his hair style is thick on top and closely shaved on the sides. suspect #2 is wearing shorts. If you have information about this crime or may be able to identify ether of the two suspects, contact Richardson Police at 972-744-4800. You can remain anonymous.

Posted by Richardson Police Department on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

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