Man becomes unwitting internet celebrity after post about his necktie collection

WASHINGTON (WJLA/CNN) - Ian Squires became an unwitting internet celebrity after a friend posted to a Facebook group about his extensive collection of neckties.

“It would crack me up if he was suddenly flooded with visitors,” that friend wrote.

Well, the post seems to have worked with thousands of comments and more than 1,000 shares.

Seven years ago, Squires made it his mission to wear a different necktie every day as a way to spice up his life.

"The truth is I'm a mediocre guy stuck in a mediocre world just trying to create sunlight somewhere," Squires said.

Squires had to wear a necktie to work every day anyway, so he thought he might as well make it fun.

"I'm bored. It's something to do, to amuse myself," Squires said.

He had a couple of ground rules for himself: It must be easy and he didn't want to spend more than $1 per tie.

Soon friends heard about his hobby and started sending him ties.

He didn't let those worn ties go to waste and created an ever-growing collection on his wall.

"I had the entire wall from ceiling to wall covered. I had to squeeze in more and more ties and it's just ridiculous," Squires said.

Nearly 1,600 ties later, and Squires still posts his daily look to his blog: My Daily Tie.

Once, Squires was the only visitor to his site, but after the Facebook post received so much attention, more than 30,000 people visited his blog.

"The comments people gave were so so complimentary," Squires said.

He even started his own Instagram account to keep his fans updated.

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