Neighbor complained about elaborate Halloween display, so family made it bigger

Mass. Halloween display bothers neighbors

BRAINTREE, Mass. (WBZ/CNN) – One family’s Halloween display has become a big pain in the neck for their neighbors.

The display includes a projector and a surround sound system, and it blasts the music of singing pumpkins for hours every night, bothering the family next door.

“It’s too loud,” said neighbor Beverly Darch. “It upsets my husband because our bedroom is right outside their driveway.”

The neighbors also said the display is deflated during the day, which creates a big mess in the front yard.

But some drivers in the neighborhood said their kids love what they see.

Denise McDonough, the woman behind the display, said her kids love it too.

"Just seeing the joy in my own kids is, like, what makes this all worth it," she said.

McDonough said she heard Darch’s complaint, but her response was to go bigger and louder with the display, in what she admits was “maybe a little bit of spite.”

“Why don’t you spend more money on taking care of your yard, as opposed to making the neighborhood look cheesier?” Darch said.

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