World’s largest solar battery under construction in Manatee County

Buchanan FPL Tour Manatee

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Planning for the world’s largest solar battery has begun at the Florida Power and Light’s power plant in Parrish.

On Wednesday, Congressman Vern Buchanan took a tour of the 500-acre power plant to discuss these plans.

The battery is set to be built on a 40-acre space next to the solar panels. FPL said it’s part of one of the largest solar expansions in the country.

As solar technology continues to advance, staff said it’s important they find new ways to integrate battery storage that will harness and save that energy. The solar panels at the Parrish plant alone generate enough energy to power 15,000 homes.

With the battery, FPL can save that energy, just like a household AA battery does. The battery that’s underway at the Parrish site is 409 mega-watts, which is equal to 100 million iPhone batteries.

Staff couldn’t pinpoint an exact dollar savings the solar energy will offer its customers in the long run, but did add that it will be more cost effective.

Congressman Buchanan said it’s a great day for America, calling this $350 million project ‘gigantic.’

“To put it into perspective," Congressman Buchanan started. "The University Town Center, the new mall, is about $27 million in terms of an investment. Here, it’s 10 times greater than that. And everybody’s concerned about the future and alternative energy. This is gonna move us in that direction. Today, you’ve got solar panels, but no technology to store the solar.”

The world’s largest battery is expected to be installed at the site by the end of 2021. For more information about the battery from FPL, click here.

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