Passed-out dad found drunk in school parking lot, 4-year-old roaming area alone, police say

Police say dad was passed out in school parking lot, dad says he was just tired.

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT/Gray News) - A man in Laurel County is in jail on charges of alcohol intoxication and endangering the welfare of a minor, according to a WYMT report.

According to his arrest citation, Bradley Askvig passed out behind the wheel while parked in the South Laurel Middle School parking lot.

Police say he was drunk and his 4-year-old son was roaming the parking lot alone.

Askvig talked to WYMT from the Laurel County Detention Center. He says he was just tired, not under the influence.

"So usually I come home, deal with them, stay tired all the time. I run on no sleep," he said.

Askvig says he took one child that was close to the family to her school dance to drop her off.

"You know, I knew I was tired and I said, 'Hey, I'm just gonna sit here until this dance is over and just relax here, rest up and then by the time this dance is over, I'm okay and just go on home," he said.

It was at that time that his 4-year-old son got out of the car and wandered away.

The arrest citation reads that Askvig had "slurred speech and glossy eyes" and goes on to say that there was a "strong odor of an alcoholic beverage."

"It was probably some just spilled in my vehicle somewhere, 'cause I have drank before and I have had alcohol spilled in my vehicle from other people that were drinking," Askvig added.

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