Opening date for North Port’s Aquatic Center may be getting closer

North Port Water Park

NORTH PORT Fla. (WWSB) - Construction at the North Port Aquatic Center isn’t over yet, but it may be done soon.

“I’ve been waiting for it for a while,” said Ronald Sawvell.

He says he’s looking forward to jumping in the water, and finally using the water slides once it’s open. Yet, it may be sooner than he thought.

“I could’ve used that a lot when I was a kid here, it’s something to do. It’s great!” he said.

The pools, the water slides and the lazy river are all in place at the aquatic center, but there’s still some things to do before it’s open to the public.

“As soon as we see those inspections and we’re 100% safe, we’re 100% trained on this facility and all is good to go with our inspections, we’ll be opening up at that point,” said Patricia Sturgess, Aquatic Center Supervisor.

The park was originally planned to open during the summer.

“Construction has taken some turns and obviously with every construction, even from renovating my own home has been quite a journey sometimes and obstacles that we don’t expect but the contractors have worked diligently through all of those things,” she said.

On Thursday, city staff including lifeguards were working on the finishing touches from the rides to pool safety.

“Making sure they’re safe, making sure that it won’t hurt anybody, making sure all edges are smooth, then that could go to the department of agriculture which will certify for us to operate it for the public,” said Sturgess.

An exact opening day has not been set yet.

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