Tens of thousands of gallons of raw sewage spills after mower strikes valve at The Meadows in Sarasota

Raw Sewage Spill

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - “It looked like a fountain, that would go up 20 feet in the air,” said Paul Morley, a resident of The Meadows.

What Morley is talking about is raw sewage and lots of it. Thirty thousand gallons discharged late last week at the Meadows golf course behind the homes on Vivienda Way. It happened after a private mowing contractor struck a sanitary sewer air release valve.

“It could happen in anybody’s backyard, it is concerning but they came and fixed it as soon as they found about it and that’s all that you can really ask,” said Morley.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection says the raw sewage spilled into a little ditch and into a nearby pond. Sarasota County crews were able to recover around 11,000 gallons of the sewage. Dawn Stahler lives down the road from where this occurred. She was a little surprised when we told her what had happened.

“One of the reasons I live in The Meadows and choose to live here is because of the nature, the trees, keeping it the way it’s meant to be, so this is very disturbing,” said Stahler.

Neighbors say there is still a little smell from the sewage, and hydrated lime was distributed serving as a disinfectant. This did not affect drinking water for residents.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection says sampling will continue until the water quality is back to normal.

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