New program to help pull Samoset residents out of poverty may be implemented soon

Employment Boost Samoset

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WWSB) - Manatee County government officials are working on a plan to move the needle on unemployment in the Samoset community.

Around 12% of households in Samoset and 34% in West Samoset are considered to be living in poverty. This month county leaders will be reviewing an initiative called “Inclusive Manatee” to improve economic opportunity for those living in the historic neighborhood.

The county is developing this pilot program to help the residents receive the tools they need to get jobs and earn a livable wage. The program will work with agencies that provide job training to help reduce unemployment and increase household incomes in the Samoset neighborhood.

According to the county, Samoset has an unemployment rate of about 7%. Countywide the rate is about 3%.

People who live in the neighborhood say a program like Inclusive Manatee would be great for the community.

“Oh yes it’s very needed. There’s a lot of good people who live in this neighborhood who don’t get paid enough money for the job they’re doing so bringing in people to help them get better jobs is very needed," says resident Drema Teeple.

The money would be coming from the county’s improvement district fund. A total of $80,000 will possibly be used to get Inclusive Manatee up off the ground.

The ultimate goal is to get local organizations connected with the people who live here to lower the poverty rate in this area.

October 8th the program will be presented to county commissioners.

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