Mobile home residents told to leave in 30 days given more time to move

Mobile Home Park Sold

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - In September, about two dozen residents of a Bradenton mobile home park were given a 30-day notice to leave with plans unveiled to turn the property into a new storage facility.

Most are on fixed incomes and were left scrambling to find new housing. They had until September 30th to leave, but Tuesday found out they’ll have until the end of the week.

Residents say 95 percent of the people at the park are on disability or retirement and at one time were homeless before moving to the mobile home park. With little money to make ends meet, residents say there is no way they’ll be able to find affordable housing in such short time.

“A lot of people don’t get their check until the first, some the third. So in order for them to rent a U-Haul or get a hotel room or get a vehicle to get stuff moving, they’re going to need their checks. My plans were to go to Indiana and hopefully Lord willing I will make it that way but if I can’t come up with the finances to do that we’ll be homeless," says resident Shelly Marks.

Many of the residents still at the mobile home park aren’t sure where they’re going yet and how they’ll pay to get into a new home. Several also put everything they own up for sale in their yards.

Residents say there are about four families who have yet to find a new home. They say any help is appreciated, whether it’s helping them pack up their things or even helping them find a new place to stay.

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