The new hands-free driving law is in effect, what this means for Florida drivers

New hands-free driving law

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -The new hands-free driving law in Florida is now in effect.

Now, it’s illegal to use or hold a cell phone in active school zones, school crosswalks, and construction sites.

Sarasota Police Department plans to have their traffic unit out in school zones to enforce the new law. Sergeant Anthony Frangioni with Sarasota P.D. said people in school zones and construction sites are the most vulnerable to distracted drivers.

"If you're looking down, you can hit something and never even have seen it. It's as bad as being under the influence. It really is. It's unfortunate, whatever is coming across that phone can wait and that's what we tell people all the time, that it's not a rush," said Sgt. Frangioni said.

Law enforcement will be issuing warnings to drivers about the new law until January 1st . After that, law enforcement will be handing out tickets which could cost $60 and three points on a driver’s license.

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