“No Swim” advisory lifted for Brohard Beach

“No Swim” advisory lifted for Brohard Beach

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - A “No Swim” advisory has been lifted for Brohard Beach in Sarasota County.

A routine water test Wednesday found a higher than acceptable amount of enterococcus bacteria. Though the beach remained open, the Department of Health says wading, swimming and water recreation was not recommended.

Enterococcus bacteria comes from a variety of natural and human-made sources. These include pet waste, livestock, birds, wildlife (land-dwelling and marine), stormwater runoff, or human sewage from failed septic systems and sewage spills.

No sewage spills have been reported within one mile of the posted beach in the past two weeks.

The next round of testing took place on Friday and the “No Swim” advisory was lifted.

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