City officials receive public input for Newtown’s redevelopment

Newtown Community Redevelopment Area Plan

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -City of Sarasota officials are putting together a community redevelopment area plan to revitalize Newtown.

The city held a public input meeting Tuesday. Some concerns residents want addressed include jobs, job training programs, and workforce housing. Other concerns people brought up was the air quality from the cement dust in the industrial areas.

Residents also would like to see people from outside the Newtown community come and visit the area.

Newtown’s Redevelopment Manager, Onya Bates, said the purpose of the CRA plan is to bring more money into the area and build up the tax base.

"We want to see people coming into the area and spending money in this area. Like, there's not a lot of retail on Dr. MLK. We have a few convenience stores. We'd like to see maybe a grocery store. We want to get a bank down here. There's a lot of things that the community needs that are serviced in other areas of Sarasota, that aren't serviced here," Bates said.

Bates hopes the plan will be finalized and put in front of city commissioners this March.

The next community input meeting will be held on October 24th. Community members can also give their input through the survey monkey here.

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