Large group of protesters in Sarasota push for improvements to the climate

Climate Protestors

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - An estimated 300 people led up Friday on Tamiami Trail at the Sarasota Bayfront. The group featured many students who wanted their voices heard on improving the climate and the future.

“Whatever the world is going to become, we’re going to grow up in that world and we are either going to be the victims or the victors of that,” said Moriya White, an organizer with Sarasota Students 4 Climate.

Protesters are trying to push government officials to take action and protect the air from pollution. Sarasota Students 4 Climate organized the event.

“We’ve imposed human caused climate change and while the change of climate is natural over a period of time, what we’ve done is we’ve exasperated it by putting in an inappropriate amount of carbon into the atmosphere,” said Ella Meirman, founder of Sarasota Students 4 Climate.

In addition to getting the message out to all the motorists driving by, speakers also addressed the large crowd about issues relating to the climate. This brought together people of all ages.

“I’m very, very concerned about the environment, I will do almost anything to try and save our environment," said Doreen Dupont, a protester. "And I think the best way to go right now is to support the students who are most passionate about because it’s their life.”

For more information on Sarasota Students 4 Climate you can check out their Facebook page here

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