First Alert Weather: Hot today with relief around the corner

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -Dry air aloft brings wall to wall sunshine today. With all the heating our afternoon temperatures will be warm. The "feels like" temperature yesterday hit 106 and today we are likely to see 100+ heat indexes again as relative humidity and dew points remain high. Additionally, the air temperature will be in the low to mid 90's today. There is some temporary relief from the muggy afternoons just around the corner.

WWSB AM Weather

Tomorrow a weak cool front will sink south. Moisture will converge in advance of the front and we will see a few more clouds tomorrow. The extra clouds and a few showers will help shave a couple of degrees off our high temperature. Once the front moves past tomorrow evening or night we will see lower relative humidity as winds shift northeast. This will bring several days of lower heat index and lower relative humidity before moisture returns over the weekend.

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