More delays for Bradenton City Centre Parking Garage

Bradenton Sidewalk Project

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - For weeks, crews have been working on the sidewalks in Downtown Bradenton.

That job is delaying the opening of the new City Centre Parking Garage.

It was set to open weeks ago, but is still on hold because of the work.

New sidewalks along the new parking lot had to be torn up and rebuilt which is causing delays of a newly built parking garage to be opened.

The new sidewalks are a part of the Streetscape Project.

That project improves sidewalks, and includes landscaping and lighting.

ABC 7 spoke to Bradenton Council Member Gene Brown.

Brown says when the project was initially approved, City Council liked the plan, but as sidewalks were close to being completed the construction ran into problems with colored concrete not being consistent with one another, looking splotchy and some even looking old according to Councilman Brown.

He says his biggest concern is surrounding businesses losing out on money.

The same thing nearby workers can agree with.

“It’s taking a while to get done it was supposed to be done months ago as far as we were aware. It’s put a hault to the parking which is already an issue downtown. Thankfully the hotel has their parking on the first floor but the rest of the parking lot is not able to be used yet which puts a damper on things down here especially for our clients”, says Jeremy Bealer who works at a tattoo shop near the garage.

Next week city council should have an update on what they’ll decide for the project.

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