Congressman Vern Buchanan holds town hall before Congress goes back into session

Buchanan Town Hall

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - Just days before Congress goes back into session, Congressman Vern Buchanan held a town hall meeting at the Manatee Performing Arts Center in Bradenton to hear from constituents about any thoughts and concerns.

“I want to take some of their thoughts and views back with me,” he said.

As Congress will be back in session on Monday, some in the Suncoast wanted their voices heard. That’s why Congressman Buchanan held his 78th town hall to hear both sides.

One hot topic was gun laws. After the recent incidents in Odessa and El Paso, Pat Simmons, decided to sit close to the Congressman to grab his attention and voice her thoughts on current gun laws not only in Florida but the whole country.

“We aren’t looking to take anybody’s guns away, but we demand sense of gun laws in this country starting with background checks,” she said.

Some constituents didn’t have a chance to ask the Congressman questions like Nancy Hughes.

“My question to him is where would you cut spending?” she said.

But others like Matt Lepinski, Vice Chair of the Manatee Democratic Party were lucky to get chosen. Lepinski asked about cyber security.

“I appreciate his time, and I appreciate him listening, but on the other hand given of what’s known and what’s been reported and studied particularly the academies of science and engineering on the issue of election security that it’s too late for people in congress to be learning about this issue and getting involved, the real question is why congress hasn’t moved faster on this issue?” he said.

Another topic that was asked multiple times was red tide.

“It needs to be a high priority, I got $8 million in a bill I had, another bill $1.9 million, yesterday there was over $100 million and that was with a cosponsor,” said Buchanan.

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