Permanent solution to complaints of speeding coming to one neighborhood

Speeding Issues in One Manatee County Neighborhood

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - Homeowners in a Manatee County neighborhood say they are tired of drivers speeding through their community and took their concerns to county leaders.

Temporary speed bumps were installed along Riverview Boulevard between 59th Street and 64th Street, which often sees constant traffic, for the past 90 days. The county has been getting complaints of speeding since February and installed three temporary speed bumps in the neighborhood back in June.

Those speed bumps are not going anywhere any time soon. Manatee County officials say they’re planning to put in permanent ones after 70 percent of homeowners supported the solution.

But there are those who are opposed to the plan.

“They’re a pain, they’re not necessary and the speeding is not that bad,” says resident Glenn Murdock. “It’s just wear and tear on your vehicle and it slows you down especially if you have a boat and then you’ve got to bounce your boat around.”

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