Local non-profit kicks off fundraiser at Lakewood Ranch to help cancer patients

Focusing on the 941 area code

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SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Feeling the need to keep things local, Susan Harrigan, a breast cancer survivor, has started a new organization whose goal is to take care of the people locally in the 941 area code who are battling breast cancer.

Thursday night at the Gold Coast Eagle distributorship headquarters in Lakewood Ranch the “My Breast Friends 941” held its first ever fundraiser to raise awareness and money to help families, friends and survivors who are going through this difficult time.

Mrs. Harrigan, who was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago and who also went through a double mastectomy, realized that a local connection is really necessary for people who are going through this tough time. Not only does the patient needs support but the entire family as well. A lot of money goes toward research and administration with the large national organizations, which is great, but her idea is to help the people right now with the more practical things a family needs when their loved one is going through this dreadful process.

It is such a long, drawn out experience that it requires a community to help people get through the trials and tribulations of the diagnosis and battle of defeating cancer. Susan says, “Everything comes to a halt, like normal daily activities, like getting the kids to school, making dinner and cutting the lawn." With MyBreastFriends941 it can help with some of the daily chores so the patient and the family can focus on the goal of winning the battle of this all to common disease.

Florida State Representtative Will Robinson was on hand and spoke and pledged his support to this homegrown organization saying that “every person here tonight has had a family member who has battled cancer and understands the need for support from the community to help during this process."

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