Volunteers Diving Into Action in Venice to Keep Suncoast Waters Clean

Volunteers Diving Into Action in Venice to Keep Suncoast Waters Clean

VENICE, Fla. (WWSB) - The surf is the lifeblood of the Suncoast, and clean water translates to clean beaches. So Wednesday, dozens of divers took the plunge to clean up any junk that had been dumped at the Crow’s Nest Marina in Venice.

“You don’t want to snorkel and have a bunch of garbage around you, so when I found out about what this group did, I knew it was for me," Char DeMoss, an experienced diver, explained to us.

The Suncoast Reef Rovers Dive Club organizes clean-ups like these to remove anything that could be harmful to marine life and possibly even interfere with boating and fishing activities.

“By doing a regular clean-up of the environment, we’re able to help the sea life and get the debris out, so that we don’t have that build up for rope and stuff over time.,"Ken Lackmann, the volunteer coordinator for the group, said.

Just Wednesday morning, 80 pounds of material that could have been recycled like tires, beer bottles and poles were gathered from the bottom of the marina.

“That’s a large mountain of debris that nobody ever sees, but we bring up on a regular basis," Lackmann said.

Without these yearly cleanups, there would be little to help keep things like this from wreaking further havoc on the ecosystem.

“It would just stay thee forever until eventually like here, not even boats would be able to get through because there would be so much garbage," DeMoss expressed.

The group will be in Venice again on Sunday, but this time at the Venice Fishing Pier. They still need volunteer divers, snorkelers and kayakers. All the information on how to sign up can be found here.

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