Hurricane Dorian, still a Category 3, begins to make turn and head northward

8AM Hurricane Dorian Update - Dorian is on the move

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - After sitting on the Bahamas for 24 hours, Hurricane Dorian, now a Category 3 storm, has started to move.

The storm with winds of 120mph is moving northwest at 1mph. It will move in that direction through Wednesday when it will start moving towards the north, passing our latitude before turning east into the Atlantic when it nears Jacksonville. It will likely pass close to the coast of the Carolinas.


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The good news is: Florida is no longer in the cone of uncertainty - at all. But the hurricane will still send some scattered showers our way on Tuesday and it will be breezy over the next several days with winds out of the north.

On Tuesday, expect winds around 10-15mph and those speeds will increase to around 20mph on Wednesday, with gusts near 30mph. But still - it’s definitely not tropical storm or hurricane force winds!

After Dorian passes our area, heading further north, our weather - believe it or not - will improve! The hurricane will pull drier air into the Suncoast, reducing our rain chances considerably by Thursday. Expect plenty of sunshine with slightly higher temperatures and humid afternoons.

It will dry out for a few days, though it will remains breezy until the weekend. Those winds bring a risk of rip currents. A Rip Current Advisory is up from Tuesday through Wednesday and will likely be extended. Expect the surf to be angry and seas elevated with open water gusts to 30kts.

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