Dorian starting to weaken but still a major storm

Center forecast to stay offshore of Florida

First Alert Weather - 11pm September 2, 2019

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - For the past 2 days now Dorian has been ripping up the NW Bahama Islands with winds of 185 mph. Those winds are now down to 130 mph with gusts of 160 mph. The pressure has been slowly rising as well now to 946 mb. The waters have cooled somewhat around Dorian due to its slow movement, this along with some drier air is causing it to weaken.

This storm is expected to weaken even further during the day on Tuesday but still maintain its major category status as it moves dangerously close to the E. Coast of Florida.

Right now it appears that the hurricane force winds will stay just offshore of Florida, however it would not take much of a shift to the west to bring them onshore. There are hurricane warnings in effect from W. Palm up to Jacksonville. Storm surge shouldn’t be severe along the E. Coast of FL anywhere from 3-6 feet which will still be life threatening.

We will see partly cloudy skies overnight with a slight chance for a few brief showers moving fast toward the south to southwest. Tuesday will be breezy with winds out of the NNE at 15-20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. We will see a few lines of showers rotating around Dorian which will sweep through the area and bring some brief periods of some heavy rain and gusty winds up to 40-50 mph.

The rain chance on Tuesday is at 70% mainly in the afternoon. The high on Tuesday will be near 92 degrees.

Dorian will bring in much drier air on Thursday with little or no chance for rain through Saturday.


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Wednesday we will still see some breezy conditions however the rain chance will lessen to 30% and even drier still on Thursday through Saturday as some dry air settles southward.

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