Bradenton woman relieved her family is safe in the Bahamas but fears for other relatives in Abaco

Local Ties to the Bahamas

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - We’ve seen flooded roads, downed power lines and ripped off roofs in the wake of Dorian through parts of Northern Bahamas.

As many monitor conditions in the Bahamas, so is one Bradenton woman. Xtavia Bailey is well known in Manatee County. She is the president of Manatee County Tiger Bay and also owns Dollar Mania at on 26th Street West. She tells ABC7 that once she heard Hurricane Dorian was targeting the Bahamas, she immediately tried to get in touch with family there.

“It’s not a good feeling when you know there is a horrible strong hurricane and you don’t know what’s going on with your family," says Bailey.


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Nervous, scared and afraid her family was hurt, Bailey made several attempts to reach her family but got nowhere.

“When I heard that a young kid drowned you just think like, ‘Oh my goodness, how many other people are they going to find and will they find some of our relatives?’ You just think the worst," says Bailey.

Finally Monday Bailey found some relief. She was able to get in touch with one of her cousins through Facebook.

Her relative was able to tell her that many of her loved ones were able to get into Nassau, Bahamas where they were safe from the hurricane, but still she’s waiting to hear about other relatives.

“She didn’t know if the ones closer to Abaco Island were able to evacuate so we haven’t heard that yet," says Bailey.

She says she is now going to do what she can to help her relatives and many like them who lost everything during Dorian. She is collecting donations from the community to send over to the Bahamas.

Bailey says she will be accepting donations at her store Dollar Mania in Bradenton. Once the donations are collected Bailey will be dropping them off to the Red Cross.

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