Health expert reacts to first death linked to vaping

Health expert reacts to first death linked to vaping
Doctors suspect that breathing illnesses reported in at least six states could be related to vaping.

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - A recent death in Illinois is being called the first death related to e-cigarette usage and vaping.

In a statement online, CDC Director Robert Redfield said, “We are saddened to hear of the first death related to the outbreak of severe lung disease in those who use e-cigarette or “vaping” devices. CDC’s investigation is ongoing. We are working with state and local health departments and FDA to learn the cause or causes of this ongoing outbreak.”

A local health expert said anything you inhale into your lung can potentially be dangerous even if it does not contain nicotine.

"I’ve come across quite a few people who believe vaping is just water vapor and it isn’t. It’s conclusively proved now that there are quite a lot of toxic substances within the vape. Things like metals, formaldehyde," said Sarasota Memorial Hospital Oncology Nurse Navigator Tammy Simon.

Simon said they have seen a 58% increase of teens vaping within the last year. Statistics show 25% of Florida students are active e-cigarette users.

The Surgeon’s General recently deemed the issue an epidemic. More on vaping dangers can be found here.

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