Tropical system to bring a few showers and thunderstorms over the weekend

Heavier rain should stay to our east

First Alert Weather - 6:00pm August 23, 2019

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - The tropics are really heating up as we monitor an area of low pressure near SE Florida. This system is expected to move over S. Florida and along the E. coast of Florida on Saturday and then emerge into the Atlantic on Sunday. Most of the rainfall with this system will be on the east coast of Florida however we will still see a few bands of showers developing in the afternoon and evening rotating through the Suncoast later in the day.

The rain chance on Saturday is at 50% for scattered storms and 40% on Sunday. As is usually the case the strongest storms with a tropical low are found to the right of the center. Especially if it’s a developing storm. Most of the models take the low pressure center through south central Florida and move it northward through the day on Saturday.

The good news it’s a weak system and will not bring too much trouble to the Sunshine state as it moves through FL over the weekend. On Sunday it will move back out over the Atlantic and head out to the open waters as a trough of low pressure picks it up and carries it away from the U.S.

There is another area of concern some 1300 miles east of the Lesser Antilles which has a really good chance for development over the next 5 days as it moves to the WNW at 15 mph. This one will have a long time to get organized as it moves over some warm water toward the Islands.

We are also watching a large area of showers and storms in the W. Gulf of Mexico. This moisture is going to move toward the Suncoast next week which will bring a good chance for rain throughout the work week next week. The timing of the storms will once again change as the winds switch around to the west once again. So expect morning and early afternoon storms along the coast and then mainly inland later in the day from Monday through Thursday.

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