Sarasota Memorial Hospital teaches people how to manage their Diabetes

Diabetes education classes at Sarasota Memorial Hospital

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - More than 20 million Americans have Diabetes and to help those who are living with the disease Sarasota Memorial Hospital offers educational classes to teach people how to manage it.

When someone finds out that they diabetes, it's normal to go through a grieving and denial phase. But after that people need to accept it and learn how to manage it.

At Sarasota Memorial Hospital, when someone comes in to learn about Diabetes, they have a one on one with an educator and then they choose what classes they'd like to take. In the classes, people will learn about stress management, sleep, and get a diet personalized for them.

RN Linh Gordon, who is a Certified Diabetes Educator at SMH, said it's important for people to take these classes because there's a lot of misinformation out there about what people can and can't eat, especially when it comes to carbs. She said there's really no foods off limits anymore, like there was a few years ago.

"Years ago we had something called the Diabetic diet, it's no longer called that, it's called consistent carbohydrate meal planning. And we really do want them to have a budget of carbs at each meal with protein and with fat, and that good combination of nutrients are going to help their sugar go in really slow and not spike. And then you're going to get the energy you need to do some exercise," Gordon said.

People with diabetes should be somewhat plant based, making sure to add lots of fruits and vegetables into their diet. They also should try to exercise and get their heart rate up for at least two and a half hours each week.

More information about the different Diabetes programs Sarasota Memorial Hospital offers can be found here.

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