Large police presence at Palmetto High School after possible threat

Large police presence at Palmetto High School after possible threat
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PALMETTO, Fla. (WWSB) - Authorities in Manatee County are investigating a possible threat at Palmetto High School.

The district tells ABC7 that they received messages through the Fortify Florida app about a possible threat. The app was launched after the shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland as a way to report threats.

The district says there is a larger police presence at the school as the incident is being investigated. Officials say the school is not on lockdown and at this time no arrests have been made.

Palmetto Police say that there were “no actual threats of a shooting at any school this week” but there were a lot of “false rumors” going around on social media and over text message.

In a post on Facebook, the police department wrote, “The panic created in this community today was created and perpetuated by an ill-informed, self-inflating rumor mill. The societal impact of these rumor mills puts people in unnecessary states of fear and panic, which draw an immense amount of resources from schools and public safety... and we are doing it to ourselves. Please, take the time to evaluate information when you hear it, and go to a reliable source to see if it is true before spreading it to friends and family or posting it to social media.”

Police say citizens should still say something if they see something.

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