First Alert Weather: Slightly lower rain chance for a few days before rains return

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Slightly drier air is in the process of moving into the atmosphere from the Atlantic. The impact for the Suncoast will be a slightly lower coverage of the afternoon showers today. As the drier air moves in and reduces the moisture available to produce showers, the rain chance will drop even more tomorrow. Because of the reduction in the cooling afternoon rains the high temperatures will be a few degrees warmer over the next few days. There will also be plenty of afternoon sunshine with higher a UV index. The total rainfall amounts will also be less area wide. The moisture returns for the weekend and rain chances will go back up to seasonable values.

WWSB AM Weather

Next week we will see a wind shift to the southwest. This will move us into a different weather pattern than we are having this week. We have seen the southwest wind flow before this summer and you will likely remember the days of morning showers and on and off storms through the early afternoons. You can expect that pattern to return early in the next work week.

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