Parents being encouraged to open up to children about bullying across the country

Back to School: Battling Bullying

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Bullying is a problem in schools across the country. One study suggests one in three U.S. students have been bullied.

Most schools have a zero tolerance policy, but putting a stop to bullying starts at home. Dr. Stephanie Walsh says parents need to be talking to their kids openly about bullying.

“Our kids are watching and listening to us all the time so if we’re saying things that are not kind or things that can be construed by them that way it’s very important for us to correct ourselves,” Walsh said.

Walsh says talks about bullying takes the shame out of it and may help your child to open up. Sharing some experiences you’ve had with bullying can also help your child see he or she isn’t alone.

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