Breastfeeding mom detained in I.C.E. raid

Breastfeeding mom detained in I.C.E. raid

MORTON, Mis. (WWSB) - A mother of three swept up in an I.C.E. raid this month remains separated from her children, including her 4-month-old daughter who she still breast-feeds.

Maria Domingo-Garcia left for work 12 days ago, and she hasn’t been home since.

She was picked up during a raid at Koch Foods in Morton, Mississippi on August 7th.

Domingo-Garcia was among 680 undocumented immigrants detained in raids that day, the most in the agency’s history.

She’s being held nearly 200 miles away.

An I.C.E. spokesman said all detainees get a medical screening and indicated a nursing mother could be considered for release.

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