Flooding concerns continue for some residents of Hidden River in eastern Sarasota County

Old Myakka Flooding Concerns

OLD MYAKKA, Fla. (WWSB) - There’s some minor flooding going on right now for some people who live in the Hidden River development. There’s concern it will get worse before it gets better.

Flooding has been a common sight at these properties near the Myakka River and this rain hasn’t helped.

“You wonder every night is this going to be the day that you lose your house, so that’s where I’m at right now,” said Susie Kucia, a Hidden River resident.

Kucia says part of the problem with the current flooding concerns is that the water pump that would pump large amounts of water away from the properties has been turned off. There’s a court case happening between some of the residents and the former homeowners association over who is responsible to pay for the operation of the pump. There are also concerns that a dike is eroding and could fail at any moment.

“Frustrating, it makes me angry, it’s scary, it hurts my heart to see my pets and other neighbors pets to live like this,” said Kucia.

One Hidden River Club member says the problem is that these neighbors are not contributing to the community and they are wanting the members to pick up the tab. As for the flooding, Sarasota County Emergency Management says they are monitoring all flood prone areas of the county including this location.

“We have a plan in place where we have boats, we have the fire department, we can notify them through a telephone notification system that they may need to evacuate at a certain point," said Ed McCrane, Emergency Management Chief for Sarasota County. "And we even have an agreement with the Old Miakka Church where we can establish a shelter.”

Emergency management officials tell us they will continue to keep a very close eye on this situation.

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