Students in Palmetto walking through ankle deep water to get to class

Palmetto High Flooding

PALMETTO, Fla. (WWSB) - Palmetto’s mayor joined the students at Palmetto High and asked for a solution to the problem.

On top of experiencing rain nearly every day so far of the new school year, imagine walking ankle deep in water just to get to class. Well, that’s what students at Palmetto High School say they’ve had to do this week.

“I mean it was tough dealing with these conditions as a student because you’d have to take your shoes off and walk walk through water to get to class and it’s also a health hazard. Not only are kids walking barefoot, which poses all kinds of risk with the flesh eating bacteria sitting in stagnant water and kids are walking through it to class, but also when their feet are wet and they track into classrooms on tile floor kids slip and fall," Madison Waldo, a former student said.

“It makes me want to stay home all the time but you know I’ve got to get my education even if I’ve got to walk through puddles of water,” Mkila Barrett, a student said.

Photos were sent into our newsroom by folks angry over the flooded high school hallways.

“This has existed for so long and this is the oldest high school and it shouldn’t be allowed to continue,” Shirley Groover Bryant, Mayor of the City of Palmetto said.

Mayor Bryant says two years ago the school district set aside half a million dollars to fix Palmetto High School’s drainage issues but hasn’t seen the district move forward. The district says it’s being proactive in solving Palmetto High’s flooding.

“It may cost more more than $500,000 it may be less we’re working right now to find out what’s the problem. Why isn’t the water not migrating off fast enough? So we’re committed to solving this problem in fact I was out there today," Doug Wagner of the Manatee County School District said.

The school district’s Deputy Superintendent tells me a maintenance team has been on campus looking for a solution. The district even worked over the summer break cleaning out all storm water pipes in hopes of preventing flooding.

With more rain expected to come to our area, there is no telling when flooding will end for Palmetto High School. The school district says they’re working as fast as it can to fix the drainage issues for the school.

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