Commission to hold meeting on conservation goals for utilities

Utility Energy Efficiency

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Environmentalists and consumer advocates want state regulators to expand what they consider low or zero energy-efficiency goals by major utilities.

The state public service commission is holding a hearing this week about conservation goals that are set for utilities every five years, with the commission outlining recommended goals for each utility.

The utilities will eventually have to propose various programs to achieve the goals, but some would like the utilities to lay out stronger proposals.

“They have the responsibility of coming up with plans, programs, projects, whatever you want to call it, but coming up with a plan in order to meet those goals. If they don’t meet the goals, then the public service commission would bring them in, and they could impose penalties," Bill Orlove, spokesman for Florida Power and Light.

“We’re looking at this as energy efficiency being done the right way and being done efficiently. Really, things have changed over the last few decades. we think energy efficiency programs need to be done right and not add an undue burden to customers by raising rates.”

The utilities involved in the hearing are FPL, Duke Energy Florida, Tampa Electric, Gulf power, Florida Public Utilities Company, Orlando Utilities Commission and JEA, the municipal utility in Jacksonville.

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