Deputies: Homeowners fight back after finding Bradenton man in their car

Deputies: Homeowners fight back after finding Bradenton man in their car
Bradenton man charged with burglary (Source: Manatee County)

BRADENTON (WWSB) - A Bradenton man was arrested by the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office after he was allegedly found sitting in someone else’s car.

On Sunday, August 13, 2019, deputies were called to a home where a man reported seeing someone trying to steal a gas can from his carport. When the man confronted the suspect, the suspect fled in a black Lincoln.

A short time later, deputies received a second call. The sheriff’s office says a couple walked outside of their home and saw 43-year-old Vincent Stoudemire sitting in their vehicle with a handful of change pulled from the center console.

Deputies say the man and woman walked up to Stoudemire, who claimed “he was playing a prank on his brother and didn’t realize he had the wrong address."

Stoudemire attempted to walk back to his car - a black Lincoln - and that’s when deputies say the man tried to take a photo of the suspect and Stoudemire slapped the phone out of his hand and shoved the woman. The man held Stoudemire on the lawn while the woman called deputies, who took Stoudemire into custody.

Deputies say they received permission to search Stoudemire’s car and found a crack pipe, and an un-cashed business check with a woman’s name on it. After further investigation, deputies found out the check belonged to a woman in the same neighborhood.

The man who almost had his gas can stolen identified Stoudemire as the suspect.

Stoudemire was charged with burglary to conveyance with battery, burglary to unoccupied dwelling, burglary to unoccupied conveyance, and battery and possession of drugs.

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