Graphic: Class experiment gone wrong leaves teen severely burned

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (WSB/CNN) - Fifteen-year-old Malachi McFadden is recovering days after being severely burned in a school lab experiment.

Questions remain over what exactly happened in his chemistry class that day. So far, we know it had to do with some ethanol and a dollar bill being lit on fire.

Family attorney Chris Stewart called the situation “horrific,” saying the 10th grader from Redan High School is “permanently disfigured.”

“He’s still in intensive care. It’s a really, really bad situation,” Stewart said. “Third-degree burns to his face, his head, his arms, full body over 10% third-degree burns."

The family wants to know what was going on when their son was injured..

“Ethanol was basically thrown into a bowl, a dollar bill was lit on fire by the teacher, I guess to show the kids some type of experiment,” Stewart said.

“The fire went out of control as expected because there was ethanol in the bowl. And instead of putting water on it to put it out, allegedly the teacher grabbed a jar of ethanol and threw it into the bowl and it splashed all over Malachi and lit him on fire.”

The said it’s still uncertain what the experiment was supposed to teach students.

The incident is under investigation, the DeKalb County School District said.

McFadden is recovering at Grady Memorial Hospital.

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