Measure of Hate documentary explores the undercounting of crimes in America

Police departments amend records after InvestigateTV shows serious crimes left out of federal records

Investigate TV: Measure of Hate

(InvestigateTV) - Following months of investigation, the team at InvestigateTV found numerous serious hate crimes left out of a federal database of hate crimes. The FBI maintains the data; however the FBI itself does not report its own crimes.

The failure of the FBI to report is against the law; Congress mandated that all federal law enforcement agencies report their crimes to the data collection. The cases the FBI has failed to report to the database include murders and bombings.

In addition to exploring the issues with non-reporting agencies, this documentary examines weak hate crime laws and why prosecutors are frustrated when they try to press charges.

Finally, Measure of Hate shows results. After InvestigateTV asked local departments about specific crimes left out of the numbers, some of them amended their records to ensure more accurate counting.

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