Department of Homeland Security issues warning about donation scams

Be Alert for Donation Scams in the Wake of Shootings

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - In wake of the recent mass shootings, the Department of Homeland Security wants you to be aware of donation scams.

The department’s cyber agency is reminding everyone to research the charity or crowd funding campaigns.

Don’t click on email messages asking for money. The agency is also warning about door-to-door solicitations.

“You do your best at knowing that hey, there’s gonna be others out there that do things wrong, that do things for the wrong reasons, that are unethical but when you go in with the right heart in the first place, everything works out,” Jeff Nene of the Convoy of Hope said.

Besides emails and social media posts, a scam could come in the form of a call, text or donation website.

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