North Port School Programs Help Students Succeed At Every Level

North Port School Programs Help Students Succeed At Every Level
North Port High School only school in South County to have the Education Foundation's Student Success Center.

NORTH PORT, Fla. (WWSB) - School will soon be back in session on the Suncoast. All week long we’ve been helping parents prepare for the new school year, and as we’re now just days away from the first day of classes – it’s time to learn what you can expect for this upcoming year at your local schools.

Aside from the changes and additions that all Sarasota County Schools will be having this year, schools in North Port - from elementary to high school – will have some special programs to help students succeed at every level.

On Thursday, all the elementary and middle schools hosted “Meet Your Teacher” events. This hands-on relationship is something that teachers say will continue throughout the entire school year.

“School to home connection is really the missing link in an educational environment, if you’re not doing that, nothing else really matters. It develops that relationship and gets the kids excited, and the parents excited to be a part of that educational journey that they have with us,” Michelle Miller, the Assistant Principal for Glenallen Elementary School, explained.

Miller added that this educational journey continues through every grade until students are ready to graduate.

“They are so prepared for anything that they want to do, and they have so many choices that didn’t used to be available for high school students,” Shannon Fusco, the Assistant Principal at North Port High School, expressed.

One program at North Port High is only available to these 2,500 students in South County. The Education Foundation chose this school for the new Student Success Center which prepares teens for college and their future career.

“This is definitely all grade levels letting them know that starting freshman year they can start forging a plan," Jenna Thieo, the College Career Advisor, told us.

Students can take advantage of the center for things like S.A.T. and A.C.T. classes, for guidance in college applications from start to finish or even resume and cover letter editing.

“This is a footprint of college and career pathways of success for students," Thieo continued, "Opening those doors of traditional or nontraditional - each way, as long as it’s your own path – we can set goals and get you there.”

You can learn more information on programs and events at all the schools throughout the city on the Sarasota County School Board’s website.

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