Sarasota County Schools Police Department now has 83 employees

SCSD Police Department Growth

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -Sarasota County Schools Police Department is now fully staffed.

The department has 83 employees, 60 of which are sworn officers and 23 are working with school safety and security.

This coming school year, every public school in the district will have a school resource officer from the district's police department. Each high school will have two SROs at them and then each middle and elementary school will have one SRO at them.

SCSDPD’s Chief, Tim Enos, said the department had extensive training this summer. Over a five week period, officers were trained in a variety of things including what to do in an active shooter situation, social media identification and threat assessments, and restorative practices.

The police force is made up of people from all over the country who have different backgrounds in law enforcement.

"The commitment that we have seen from the applicants and these officers that are applying is that they still have that drive. Especially in keeping kids safe due to the terrible tragedies that happen across the nation. As they have come in, we've had some tremendous applicants and officers that are now going to be out there protecting the staff and the students," said Chief Enos.

Even though the school district’s police force is fully staffed, Chief Enos said they will still use assistance from other local law enforcement agencies if needed.

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