Citizens to demand action after 2 shot outside Spot 26 in Bradenton

Another Shooting at Spot 26 in Bradenton

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - The focus is back on a Manatee County nightclub that neighbors say is a nuisance and needs to be closed. Now, after all the petitions and pleas, there’s been another shooting at Spot 26 located on 26th Street West in Bradenton.

Some people who have been living in the neighborhood behind the club have been for years and some even decades told us that they refuse to let the ongoing police calls, shootings and disturbances run them out of their homes.

“It wouldn’t be so bad if people went home at 2:00,” a local homeowner said. “It’s hard when you are sound asleep and you hear five gunshots go off. Next thing you know you got police running up and down your street.”

Nearby homeowners who did not want to be shown on camera say shootings and noise disturbances are an ongoing issue each weekend. Just this week, the sheriff’s office responded to a fight outside the club which then turned into a shooting where two people were shot.

Homeowners started a petition in May, but say they haven’t gotten very far when it comes to finding a solution.

“It has taken all this time to get this far. The first time we were actually denied a meeting because there was not sufficient evidence. Now they’re documenting everything, a lot of evidence, and I think we’ll get somewhere this time,” an anonymous local homeowner said. “It’s just so frustrating. You get to where you just throw up your hands.”

That homeowner says on August 21, she and her neighbors will be taking the petition down to the county.

We reached out to the sheriff’s office and were told between January 2018 to May 2019, the department has responded more than 150 times to the nightclub.

The manager of the club told us off-camera that all the incidents happen after the club closes, and that he shouldn’t be penalized for what happens after the nightclub closes.

We also reached out to the County’s Code Enforcement to learn how many citations the nightclub has received. We are still waiting to hear back from the department.

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