FIRST ALERT WEATHER: Storms are Back Again this Week

FIRST ALERT WEATHER: Storms are Back Again this Week

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -The reason we are getting a similar weather pattern today that we experienced yesterday, is that the High pressure system in the Atlantic has not moved. This system is causing the winds to move in from the south east. As the winds pick up the moisture from the east and bring it across the state, the sea breeze from the west moves inland several miles and this is where the clash zone is.

We happen to be right along that zone and we see the showers and thunderstorms forming in a line from Manatee Countee through Sarasota and down to Charltote counties. The showers are bringing about heavy downpours of 1 - 3 inches, low land flooding, frequent lightning, pea sized hail and strong gusy winds up to 40 mph with the storms as they pass through.

We have this system still in place for Monday and Tuesday so we can expect this weather for the next couple of days. On Wednesday the high begins to make a move to the south. As it does so, the showers will then come in from the west coast and move east during the morning hours.

This will continue through the remainder of the week. Daytime highs will still reach into the 90′s and overnight lows will be down in the low to mid 70′s as the rain does a good job of cooling us off each day.

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