Blame it on the High Pressure

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -High pressure off the Atlantic coast is the reason we are seeing so much rain develop in the afternoon and transfer over to the coastline. This high pressure system is providing southeasterly winds that help showers developing on the east coast of Florida and transport them to the west side of the state. This high pressure is going to be with us over the rest of the weekend and into the beginning of the week. As this system continues, we will see mostly fair skies in the morning and then increasing cloudines with showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. We could see some more heavy downpours, frequent lightning and gusty winds with the showers on Sunday. As the high pressure sinks to the south, the winds will shift around and we will start to see showers forming during the morning hours and moving towards the east coast in the afternoon, This happens on Tuesday and Wednesday and the chances for rain will be a little bit less. Expect highs all week to be in the low 90′s. The rains will cool things off nicely and we will see lows in the low to mid 70′s. Boaters will have a nice morning at the beach on Sunday with increasing clouds and thunderstorms during the afternoon.

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