Sidewalk construction delays parking garage opening in Bradenton

Bradenton Parking Garage

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - Around 500 parking spaces inside the new parking garage in Bradenton are empty on Saturday. Outside, the sidewalk is under construction and numerous signs, traffic cones and fences are blocking the garage.

“Parking is almost impossible. It’s very hard to find anything anywhere, you have to park pretty far away,” said John McMahon.

McMahon visits downtown Bradenton regularly to sit by the water or simply go to restaurants. He was looking forward to have this garage open.

“It’s going to do a lot. It should help an awful lot,” he said.

Downtown Bradenton’s Streetscape Project is expected to cost about $6 million while the garage was a $12 million investment.

City officials told ABC7 in a statement:

“Our number one priority is safety. We can’t have a fully functional City Centre garage until we have a safe sidewalk around it and right now we don’t have that. The contractor has been unable to produce the brown aggregate in a way that is consistent in functionality and appearance.”

This is a concern among some residents. Others say they’re okay with this delay.

“Is it a safety issue? Then it has to be delayed, depends on what really the problem is. You have to look at the engineering problem of it, and what safety issue it is,” said McMahon.

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