North Port officials looking into 911 funds

911 Funds for North Port

NORTH PORT, Fla. (WWSB) - Dispatchers at the North Port 911 center are the connection between those who need help, and getting that help.

“We operate a 24/7 and emergency communication center that dispatches all law enforcement in the city of North Port. So any resident within city limits. Any residents, visitors within our city limits,” said North Port Police Sergeant Michael Baute.

The 911 center is fully funded by North Port residents. Now, North Port officials are hoping Florida’s 911 legislation can help them out as well.

“What we discovered is that funding does not come to the cities. The state statute ends at the county level,” he said.

All 911 calls initially go to the county’s emergency call office. But calls from North Port then get transferred to the city’s call center, when law enforcement is involved.

ABC7 tried to reach to city commissioners on Friday. What we know so far, is they’re planning on writing a letter to the Florida League of Cities hoping to also get some portion of those funds.

“We’re looking for change in the legislation that will impact all municipalities that provide communication services. We’re not looking into this as a selfish local level, we’re looking as a broader impact from the state to help every municipality,” said Baute.

This in hopes of improving the city’s services.

“There’s some things that the statute allows to spend money on, from salaries to computer dispatch software, and other equipment to help our dispatch center,” he said.

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