Study shows kids are more likely to gain weight during summer months

Preventing summer weight gain for kids

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -A study conducted by the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics shows that kids are more likely to gain weight during the summer months. Some reasons why are because kids are snacking more and aren't as active.

To help fix this, Sarasota Memorial Hospital's Outpatient Registered Dietitian, Emily Harren, said a way to stop your kids from snacking is to get them back into a pattern of eating meals at the same time everyday.

But, when it comes to snacks, try to keep healthy options in the house. Some examples are fruits, vegetables, nuts, or low fat yogurt. Harren said buying snacks that are already divided into snack packets is a good idea so your kid doesn't overeat.

Food isn't the only thing contributing to the weight gain, sugary drinks are as well.

“If they’re at home with the sugary beverages, that’s a whole lot of calories, usually with nothing in it that nourishes their body. So I try to get people to move towards water, maybe a sugar free flavored water, or something in that neighborhood. But also sports drinks. A lot of kids will drink sports drinks even though a lot of kids are not out and actually sweating. So they don’t actually need it, kids need a lot of water,” Harren said.

Harren also recommends parents only allow their kids to have two hours of screen time on their phones each day.

"As far as exercise goes really getting the whole family in and going for a swim afternoon or something can help kids stay active. But also giving them chores that they have to be active to do. So helping you walk the dog, if they're old enough doing yard work, washing cars, you can give them chores that keeps structure that also burns calories for them," Harren said.

Getting a good night's sleep also helps kids manage a healthy weight.

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