Pit bull attacks dog in downtown Sarasota, dog and three people recovering from injuries

Pit Bull Attacks Smaller Dog in Downtown Sarasota

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - “It felt like it lasted forever, it was terrifying, I never screamed like that in my life,” said Alex Alfonso and Dana Laag.

Video shows the mayhem that took place early Sunday morning. A pit bull attacked Fig, a husky mix, while Dana Laag and her boyfriend Alex Alfonso walked him in downtown Sarasota.

“I thought immediately that I wouldn’t have my dog anymore, who I’m really, really close with and I love a lot,” said Laag.

Laag says Fig suffered six puncture wounds. Both Laag and Alfonso suffered minor injuries as well.

“While they were trying to pry him off, I was bit on my pinkie finger and Dana was bit on her index finger trying to scoop Fig up,” said Alfonso.

Lawrence Grampp, a homeless man, is the owner of the pit bull named Champion. He too was injured.

“The lady had her dog on a really long leash. It just came around the corner by itself, so I had already seen what was happening. It spooked Champion,” said Grampp. “I pushed him to keep him away from the other dog and they kind of got back together and it was a dog fight.”

Grampp says that his dog is a service animal and helps him deal with his seizures.

“He has saved my life several times; he’s my whole world right here,” said Grampp.

Both dogs were quarantined. Fig was put on a home quarantine while Champion was impounded at Animal Services, making sure neither jas rabies.

Fig’s owners were cited for not having tags for their animal while Champion’s owner was cited for having a nuisance animal. He was released back to Grampp earlier Monday because of his service dog status.

“Florida state statute requires that after the rabies vaccinations have been proven that we release the dog to the owner,” explained Lt. Paul Cernansky with Animal Services for the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office.

That doesn’t sit well with Laag and her boyfriend. They fear that the pit bull will attack other dogs and other humans. They are pushing for the dog to be taken off the street and given a safe home.

“It really hurt me to be so unprovoked, as a target for another animal but also to experience the negligence of another pet owner,” said Laag.

It appears the three people injured and the dog are going to be okay. Animal services is continuing with their investigation.

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